Anatomy Of A Sustainable World cover

IED Press is proud to present Anatomy Of A Sustainable World by Glen T. Martin.

Trade paperback, 9×6, 270 pages, ISBN 978-1-933567-47-1,

Kindle, ISBN 978-1-933567-48-8.

The Anatomy of a Sustainable World breaks new ground in the struggle for a transformed world system. This book examines the roots and the deadly consequences of our current unsustainable civilization as manifested in its war-system, nation-state system, and global economic system. Together these portend disaster for our planet — unless we make profound systemic changes.

In Ascent to Freedom (2009) and Triumph of Civilization (2010) Professor Martin articulated the fundamental principles of holism, systems theory, and authentic democracy. In this new book he shows the deep roots of a sustainable world system that emerge with the paradigm-shift from fragmentation to holism, a transformation in human civilization that has been going on for more than a century.

This new book illuminates both the roots of our present crisis and the concrete and practical steps we can take to transform civilization to sustainable principles. It does not rest in the realm of theory alone. It shows in detail what a sustainable world system looks like. It presents the specific political and economic steps we can take to make sustainability a reality.

NEW! Read a review of The Anatomy Of A Sustainable World by Mar Peter-Rieux of Marist College.

The Anatomy Of A Sustainable World is now available in electronic form for the Amazon Kindle.


Religion in a Material Universe cover

IED Press is proud to present Weaving Golden Threads by Bob Blain.

Trade paperback, 9.66×7.44, 392 pages, ISBN 978-1-933567-32-7,

Kindle, ISBN 978-1-933567-32-7.

Unique among theory textbooks in the social sciences, Weaving Golden Threads integrates concepts from across the social sciences into an elegant tapestry of relationships, tests them with data from all the countries of the world in 1986 and 2008, applies them to personal, organizational, national and global levels, and offers two simulations for practicing their application: Cooperation: The Wealth of Nations Game, named in honor of Edward Bellamy and Adam Smith, and Instrument Panel for Spaceship Earth inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller.

By turning contending concepts into variables, Bob integrates into the same theory ideas from Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Georg Simmel, Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons, and many others.

“…a remarkable intellectual feat.” T. R. Young
“ … I wish I had done that.” Roger Nett
“Rare is the person of towering intellect, but friendly spirit. Thank you for using these qualities to work for peace. Bob – a man of elegant words, enthusiasm for sociology, and love for humanity.” Dave Kauzlarich
“The greatest gift one can give is to touch other’s lives. I am grateful you touched mine. Thank you.” An anonymous student
“You have influenced my life more than any other teacher I have ever had. You changed how I interpret and respond to my world.” An anonymous student

As a graduate student and teaching assistant to Talcott Parsons at Harvard in the early 1960s, Bob began to recast Parsons’ AGIL four function paradigm into the information-chain paradigm and theory that developed over his 40+ year career to their present form. They explain how human well-being depends on the scale of cooperation that in turn depends on: 1) reducing the information lost as people relay messages and 2) increasing people’s ability to cooperate autonomously.

Now internationally published and emeritus professor of sociology, Bob did a year of graduate work at the University of Wisconsin before moving to Harvard where he received his Masters degree in sociology then his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts. He taught sociology at Ohio State University and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has lectured on monetary reform in Australia, India, New Zealand, Poland, Libya and Togo in Africa.

Weaving Golden Threads is also available now for the Amazon Kindle.


Religion in a Material Universe cover

IED Press is proud to present Religion in a Material Universe by Tony Equale.

Trade paperback, 9×6, 272 pages, ISBN 978-1-933567-45-7,

Kindle, ISBN 978-1-933567-46-4.

This book, Religion in a Material Universe, follows The Mystery of Matter (2010) and is an attempt to fill out the implications of the worldview developed in that study. We live in a material universe which is observed, measured and described by science. Religion cannot compete with science. It has no “facts” about another world and other kinds of beings than ours. Religion is poetry that sings about the facts of this world, and its expressions are metaphor.

The problem is that religion generally does not project its constructions as poetic metaphor but rather as scientific fact. Such an insistence is destructive not only of science, but also of the power of religious expression. A religion that calls its mythic projections “fact” stifles thought and opens itself—deservedly, in my opinion—to ridicule and rejection. But, just as importantly, it also robs myth of its power to bring light and life to our existential experience. In our modern era, the combination of an arrogant reductionist scientism and a religion that offers a set of parallel “facts” whose existence it pontificates by pure ungrounded fiat, has been fatal. We in the west live in a state of spiritual impoverishment because, in the main, religion refuses to apply its sacred song to reality as science has discovered it to be.

Author Tony Equale is retired from commercial farming and lives in SW Virginia. He is an ex-priest activist who worked in Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua from ‘81 to ‘88. He fills his retirement time volunteering with labor organizations, subsistence farming, art and writing. He blogs at

Religion in a Material Universe is also available now for the Amazon Kindle.


A Matter of Greed cover

IED Press is proud to announce the publication of A Matter of Greed by new author Arindam Mukherjee.

Cloth, 9×6, 196 pages, ISBN 978-1-933567-40-2,

Trade paperback, 9×6, pages TBA, ISBN 978-1-933567-41-9,

Kindle, ISBN 978-1-933567-42-6.

At the heart of world affairs today—at the heart of globalization and resource-conflicts and the so-called War on Terror—lies the oldest of human failings: Greed. From old colonialism to neo-colonialism and the depredations of the U.S., Mukherjee traces the common thread of unrelenting avarice that has driven exploitation of the world, its resources, and its people by the powerful, leaving in its wake shattered cultures, failed states, and the seeds of future strife.

Drawing on the finest contemporary sources including Bill Blum, Pepe Escobar, J.W. Smith, and Noam Chomsky, Mukherjee's thesis transcends previous accounts to expose the simplest of truths: that there can be only one way back from the Abyss. When Gandhi was asked, "What is the way to Peace?", he answered, "Peace IS the way." Mukherjee shows us that if Peace is the way, then Greed is the obstacle that must be removed. To pursue a new path, exploitation must give way to cooperation, and economic domination must be replaced by economic democracy. The Greed of the few must bow down to the global awakening of the many

A Matter of Greed is also available now for the Amazon Kindle.


The Good American cover

IED Press is proud to present The Good American: A Situation Report for Citizens by B. Sidney Smith.

Trade paperback, 9×6, 88 pages, ISBN 978-1-933567-43-3,

Kindle, ISBN 978-1-933567-44-0.

In this exhaustively sourced account, mathematician B. Sidney Smith shines a stark light on every elephant in the room: out of control militarism, the rape of our economy, the propaganda that infantilizes our people and neutralizes their citizenship, and over it all the terrifying spectre of population overshoot—a disaster that is already upon us. But there is no “doom and gloom” hand-wringing here. Dr. Smith ends his account with a stirring call to action, the promise of hope and a bright future—if we but have the patriotic courage to turn aside from partisan folly, redress our errors, and shoulder once more the obligations of citizenship.

The Good American: A Situation Report for Citizens is also available now for the Amazon Kindle. You may also buy a signed copy directly from the author.

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